The Process

Reserving your rental supplies:

1. Look over our website, create a Quote Request, then click "View and Submit my Quote Request".
2. I will check availability and send you an estimate by email
3. You will send me a signed contract (scanned, faxed, mailed or delivered).
4. You'll pay a 50% non-refundable deposit (cash, check, payment button on website, or call with card) to secure your rentals for your date
5. I'll send you the invoice, with the payment noted and balance due.
6. Revisions and the remaining balance are due by 14 days before your event.

Receiving your rental items:

1. Arrange to pickup your rental items.  Typically, you may pick up the rentals as early as the Thursday before a weekend event, and return by Monday.
2. Optional:  Delivery and pick up service is available to limited destinations for an additional fee. Delivery and pick up are strictly at the curb and with no stairs or travel.  We recommend reserving this early.
3. Please know:
* Any revisions and the balance due 14 days before event.
* Linen items will be delivered washed and neatly folded.
*Optional pressing service is available for an additional fee with 14 days notice.
* It is your responsibility to receive and check the accuracy of your order.  If you find that anything is missing or not in working order, you need to contact us as soon as possible prior to your event so that we can make it right.
* You will receive a list of your supplies so you and your helpers know what needs to be returned.  You or your representative will be required to sign acknowledging receipt of your order. All items come in storage containers labeled with labels for easy pack up after your event and transportation.​

Returning your rentals:

1. All rentals must be returned by 6:00 pm on Monday.  This includes holiday Mondays.
2. All returning linens must be free of debris.  All dishware must be returned in their crates or racks, scraped and rinsed of all food.  All other rentals must be returned in the labeled totes, bags or racks they came with.
3. Missing or damaged items are subject to a replacement fee that will be paid at the time of return.  There is a $60 per hour cleaning and repair fee for items that need cleaning or fixing.
4. If someone else will be returning the equipment, I need to know their contact information on the contract.  Please let your helpers know what rentals need to be returned to Sweet Buffet Lady on or before Monday to avoid late charges.
5. If you enjoy our service, please let us know!